Shawna Loveland

As a Boise native, it’s been a dream of mine to open Baby Blues & Pink for the past 20 years.

My big push to go into business was the birth of my granddaughter Logynn who’s now three years old. At the time, I couldn’t find anywhere to purchase organic, sustainable, and ethically produced clothing. That’s when I decided to source the products I was searching for and open my own baby boutique – that my uncle (who is like my father) helped me name.

To make this dream a reality, I’ve had the support of other local women business owners working with me on this project. To get started, I’ve sourced many of our products from local companies that provide organic, vegan, and laboratory tested products. I also had lines brought in that were only previously available in bigger metropolitan cities. While it took a little convincing, I was always sending them pictures of my boutique and relentlessly contacting them. A few examples include Pink Chicken, Saranoni, Piper Fin, and Fin and Vince.

Aside from providing customers with beautifully curated baby, toddler, and maternity clothes, I wanted to create an elevated shopping experience for parents – specifically mothers.

That’s why we offer a beautiful nursing area and a bathroom that provides diapers, wet wipes, and toiletries to use. I want mothers to come in and feel comfortable and cared for in a calming, relaxing environment. We also offer beautiful gift wrapping services.

While there are thousands of online stores out there, Baby Blues & Pink is dedicated to our clients like no other. I take great pride in the items we provide with exceptional customer service to help find the right clothing options for you. That’s why we combine the convenience of local in-store and online shopping with personal and attentive care. It’s these values that set my boutique apart and separate it from other baby clothing retailers.